8 tips to stop overspending on your NDIS plan

Keeping track of your NDIS spending and funding totals for you or your loved one can be time consuming and stressful.

One of the most common comments we hear from people is that they don't know how much they have spent until they are told there is no money left. Sound familiar?

Here are our 8 tips on preventing an overspend of your NDIS Plan

1. Get quotes and reports for all your services prior to your plan review. This will give you the best chance at getting the funding you need to begin with.

2. Once you have received your NDIS plan, find some time to sit down and work out how many hours you have available for each support you would like to receive. Not sure how much specific supports will cost you? Why not start with our NDIS Planning Tool and get the latest pricing.

3. Sign a service agreement with all your providers outlining the hours and costs that are allocated to each provider to avoid nasty surprises later.

4. Remember many providers complete non-face to face supports and also have travel time as part of their service to you. Be sure to allocate funds for this with each therapist or provider.

5. Regularly login to your online portal and review the monthly email statements that are sent to you. This information will let you know how your NDIS funds are tracking and how much of your service agreements have been invoiced.

6. Keep a record of when you have attended therapy, received help from a support worker or attended a day program. Not all providers bill quickly and this will help you work out how much has been spent. You can track this against your service agreements.

7. If in doubt, ask….. it’s always best to call or email your plan manager to check if you have funding available before you receive a support or purchase an item. Also check in with your current providers, they may have used hours that they have not yet billed for.

8. If after all this you find yourself running out of money contact NDIA for an early review. Don’t keep spending money thinking everything will be ok!! If you overspend with providers you will find yourself out of pocket!

By following these few simple tips you can keep track of your NDIS funds.

Budjee Plan Management is always an email or phone call away. Let us help you to budget, track and pay your NDIS bills.

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