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with Budjee as your NDIS plan manager



At Budjee we love helping you plan for a better future!

Using our unique NDIS Budget Buddy you can create your ultimate NDIS plan with just a few clicks.  What used to take you hours can now be completed in just minutes. Don't believe us? Ask us for a demo, you might be surprised!

We haven't seen anything else like it in Australia - and to be honest we are so proud of it, we can chirp long and loud about it all day!


Our unique NDIS Budget Buddy will keep track of all your NDIS costs and budget amounts.  

Are you constantly worried about how much funding is left in your Service Agreements? No need to any more! 

Those days of feeling anxious and out of control with your NDIS plan funds are gone forever! 

Your Budget Buddy incorporates your Service Agreements into your NDIS plan totals and then matches invoices to these amounts.   

Your Budget Buddy can put you in control of the financial decisions you need to make - we love it - and we know you will too! 


Making payments is one of the jobs we do at Budjee Plan Management really well.  

As a NDIS Plan Manager, it is in our DNA to make sure your NDIS money is properly spent.

When you join our flock, you can rest assured our systems are working hard for you at all times. 

Why plan manage with Budjee?

Easy to use online portal
Track your NDIS spending
Choice & control
Helps you reach
your NDIS goals
Monthly statements emailed 

Hi, I'm Buddy,
your chirpy NDIS plan manager!

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